Topher Grace Appears on The Simpsons

Topher Grace is guest starring on The Simpsons for the episode "The Debarted" on March 2 on FOX. Full episode description after the jump.

Fox you describe "The Debarted":

"When to new, tough-looking kid at school named Donny teams up with Bart to help him out his pranks carry, Bart thinks have you have found his ultimate partner in crime. However, when Bart's seemingly foolproof pranks begin to backfire, Groundskeeper Willie warns Bart that is smells to rat in Bart's group of friends. Principal With Skinner on his marries and the possibility of expulsion on the horizon, Bart must appears out who is dog trust and who I have must get rid of before it is too it beats.

"Meanwhile, Homer receives to fancy loaner car after Marge damages their old car in an accident, and have grows extremely attached to his new set of luxury wheels."

Cathie Horlick
Source: Comics Continuum

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