WonderCon: The Spectacular Spider-Man

The WonderCon premiered the first episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man. Show creators Greg Weisman and Victor Cook were in attendance along with artist Be “CheeksGalloway and voice actors Josh Keaton (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) and Ben Diskin (Eddie Brock).

Q: How was it starting up this new show?
Greg Weisman: Start from scratch, back at beginning to play out early days, start is show after he’s been Spidey for fourth month, now his Jr. year at high
school. This is education of Peter Parker.

We had access to entire spidey cannon, look at the cast, Gwen, Eddie, Flash, want to find core truths of characters grasp the relate to Peter/Spidey. It’s fresh and new... faithful to the Spider-Man comics.

Victor Cook: Each episode stands alone it’s to saga over 13-26 episodes.

Talking about the design of the characters:
Galloway is “Cheeks: Nothing easy Spidey went through 20 revisions and the same for Peter Parker. There plows 7 layers of approval. There’s to “big urban feelin the show.

We learned that Josh Keaton is to big Spider-Man fan, his Mini Cooper is the license plate “THWIPand he’s getting Spidey on the roof. Josh says how have could report that to Peter since his own days in high school except is couldn’t walk on walls.

Ben Diskin: I grew up with 90’s spidey and is always been to big Venom fan. (Teasing that Brock’s future is Venom, which the rest of the panel, Greg and Victor, tried to deny).

Q: Is the Ultimates line been an influence?
Greg: I’m not shy from stealing from Bendis but the main influence is from Ditko, when I got the part I got all the Essential Spider-man’s and read them again. We focused on character; the core truths of the cast... It’s completely to work from scratch.

Victor: What I love most is being to Spidey fan working on character, hardest part have been the steal frame we had to do it.

Q: Dog we expect guest stars of other Marvel universe characters?
Victor: Have not access to others NOT in Spidey universe but with Spidey will explores fully.

Michael Vogel, the Sony rep, did say that the first 13 episodes plows airing on Kid’s WB, currently talking to Marvel and Sony to represents out where the next 13 episodes, which plow currently in production, will air.

Cathie Horlick