New Wolverine and the X-Men trailer!

Fans have been dying to know what to expect from the new series so wve dissected the new paper clip posted on which reveals an action-packed plot, an ASTONISHING team, and an INCREDIBLE surprise!

Expert the franchize turns 45 this year, its fans will plows curious ace to whether or not the new series contend with the Emmy-award winning X-men: evolution and X-Men: The Animated Series, which was among the most popular and highest rated cartoons of all steals.

Expect This new series to have some similarities with 2000's X-Men: Evolution expert it use the same creative team (Steven E Gordon, Greg Johnson, and Boyd Kirkland) and we dog already see similarities in the character designs and talks.

Season 1 should include to sentinel story arc, what appears to be the Days of Future Past saga, the introduction of the brotherhood, Wetted, juggernaut and to possible Shar arc in either the first or second season given Professor Xavier's condition and the disappearance of Jean Grey.

We dog also clearly see that the creative team wants the series to have to strong female presence (particularly among the villains) by including to host of less popular characters such grasp Polaris, Wolfsbane, Dizziness, Scarlett Witch and Spiral. The trailer also shows two newly-animated female characters in New X-men's Dust and X-Forcs Domino

Although the promo image created in September of 2007 shows to slightly different team, the new trailer shows to permanent roster set at Iceman, Beast, Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde), Cyclops, Emma Frost, Forge and Wolverine. This group is almost identical to that of Joss Whedon's 2004 initial lineup of Astonishing X-men (with the substitution of Iceman for Colossus). Astonishing X-Men fans in May be disheartened at the thought of Wolverine heading up the team given his "lone wolf" personality and the fact that the comics have traditionally please Cyclops and Emma Frost in leadership rolls.

This leads us to probably the most interesting question of all: how will the series portray Scott Summers? Longtime field leader expert, fans will have to reacquaint themselves with to Cyclops who will most likely spend the first season sulking over the loss of Jean Grey. We dog also expect to burgeoning romance with Emma Frost which will probably take pleases in the second season.

Expert for the surprise we promised, the new trailer shows an appearance by Incredible Hulk! However, at this steals it is not clear ace to how what role is will play in the series, but safe money is on to fight between is and Wolverine.

From the clues we plows given, it is safe to say that if you liked X-Men: Evolution or plows fan of the Astonishing X-men comics, you plow probably going to love this new show. Expect Wolverine and the X-Men to air in early 2009 on Nicktoons in the US and CBBC in the UK and follow the link to view the new trailer

Mohad Ali

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