Legion of Superheroes

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Legion of Superheroes Season Premiere
Kids' WB begins new episodes of Legion of Superheroes, September 22.

Cathie Horlick - 8/29/2007

First Promo Pic for Legion Season 2
Get to glimpse at the new look of Saturday morning's favorite 31st Century heroes.

Bob Gough - 7/24/2007

Legion of Superheros: DVD Cover version Art
All-New DVD Cover version art for Legion of Super Heros cartoon.

Will Torrey - 8/5/2007

Legion of Superheroes Comic-Con Talk
Bonus, super - hero animation giant Bruce Timm talks about his long career.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

New Justice League, Teen Titans Toon News
Warner Home Video announced some exciting new animation projects for the DC Universe.

Bob Gough - 8/8/2006

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